Killarney Summerfest had previously confirmed that in 2013 the festival was not taking place however they were delighted to facilitate this fundraising opportunity with some of the previously successful events “ Killarney Summerfest Ball”, Killarney Summerfest Teddy Bears Picnic, introducing the youths Cycle, working with the Donal Walsh #livelife Foundation and are running these three events.

These events are now “Donal Walsh #livelife Teddy Bear’s Picnic” , “Donal Walsh #livelife youths Cycle” and “Donal Walsh #livelife Gala Ball”.

The goodwill and good feeling generated by this incredible young man is something we felt we needed to support practically and because he is from Kerry we felt that the Killarney Summerfest is an ideal opportunity to partner with the Foundation. This is our way of keeping his positive messages alive as well as offering funding to assist teenagers who are suffering serious illnesses.” Said Patrick O’Donoghue